Sunday, April 6, 2008

Let it Go

In the past few weeks there have been many indications for me to Let certain situations in my life go. I am a self proclaimed worrier as well as over thinker. I over process a situation until it has somehow warped into another equally traumatic situation.
Ok example, I had a friend that told me they were disgusted by an action I had taken, and had they been the person I did it to they could not forgive me. In the moment I was so caught up in what I had done I didn't really get a chance to process what this " friend " was really saying. Later as I twisted it around, forward, and backward I came to the conclusion that this person was not for me. Yes, I accept that people have a difference in opinions I am first to be that person that doesn't agree with something or someone. I then took into consideration how this person said it to me as truly disgusted.
I am a very direct person and if I don't like you or something you have said I will let you know and/or cease speaking to you. This person had they been a full saint I would have said ok this situation is to much for them and been understanding. This person though was far from a saint and had committed just a bad a situation if not worse. And on top of them doing so expected me to not think badly of them and to reassure them that they were not a bad person. Although I did not ask this person to do this for me because the only person I needed forgiveness or reassurance from was the one that I harmed, I still am truly baffled by the turn of events.
You now want me to act as if everything is peaches and cream so that the delusional world you live in can still be seen as perfect. Snap the hell out of it. So all that to say I am letting feelings, memories, situations and people go and I am not looking back nor feeling bad about it. I need to release all the dead weight keeping me from progressing to my destined greatness. Consider yourself released. I have finally let go.

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