Wednesday, April 9, 2008

World Issues

The world is nearing a end, all the craziness , I also went to this psychic site and she had her predictions for death watch 2008 guess who was on that list...don't be lazy go check it for yourself.
I am all for the Homosexual lifestyle being a queer girl myself, and I understand transsexuals, but this right here does not sit well with me. If you made the conscious decision to be a man, then I believe that you have made the conscious decision to take on male "identity roles" and have given up your female "identity roles". What biological man do you know wants to become pregnant and carry a child? What person do you know wants to take an already stigmatized life and multiply that by 1000? If you should find one "man", who is willing to push this child out of a vagina they were born with, one that they clearly in their decision to live as a man should decide not to use, you should then Question why did they decided to live their life as a man? I don't think I have fully processed this. I will have to come back and update. What are your thoughts on the situation?

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