Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This little boy ( 7 years old )stole his grandmothers car and ran down the town and believes he should only be punished for a weekend without video games. The boy is quoted saying, " I wanted to do hood rat things with my friend"and" Its fun to do bad things". Tick Tock. I suggest we start getting things in order in our lives because judgment day is near.


JayBee said...

i'm so desensitized that things just don't surprise me anymore. it is interesting though that just this week in a conversation with my mom she was saying that it's time to get it together cause the end is near. i just think she was talking though.

Jess Living said...

First I want to say Congrats and Thanks for being the first commenter on my page. yay jaybee! The mere fact that people are desensitized in these types of situations makes the point of something not being right more prevalent. I know every other day I am saying the world is coming to an end and I believe reading articles like this story should not be the norm, this story should shock us into action to make a change, because if we continue on this path of destruction then the end is really closer than we would like to think. I don't have everything in order yet so I don't want the end to be near but we shall see.