Monday, April 7, 2008

Open and Shut

Running, Fighting, Dodging every bullet flying my way. I believe in Karma so now I am just trying to figure out what exactly I have done and why I am still paying for it. I have kept a pretty low key life this past year. Socializing with People=Trouble, I have become a master of recluse. Today I went to apply for summer courses, they are pre-requisites for my potential Master's programs, and (Slam!) a door is shut. First I forgot my papers which is ok I'm only human. I return with the papers to find out that even with them I still have to wait 2 more weeks before I can sign up. This would have been all well and good if the class wasn't already half full on the first day of registration. My chances are quite slim in attaining access to this course and that is a major bummer considering I need them in order to be accepted into the program. Running, Fighting, Dodging but still Perservering!

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